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Raymond Sportsman's Club has various membership tiers with varying requirements, benefits and dues. Primarily, there are two types of members: associate members and regular members.

Newcomers join in as Associate members and remain as such until they have met the regular membership requirements and the club has an opening. Associate members may not vote or hold elected office. However, they may, and are encouraged to, serve on or chair any committee they wish to.

Regular membership is available on a first come, first served basis to associates that have met the minimum requirements and as membership becomes available. Regular members have voting rights and may hold elected office.

We also offer Junior membership to individuals aged 10 through 17 if properly sponsored. In addition to the associate membership restrictions, juniors are not given keys to the clubhouse or ranges.

Members of age 60 or older enjoy a great 50% discount on the yearly dues with our Senior memberships.

Spouses of members are given 50% off regular dues under our Family membership.



Raymond Sportsman’s Club votes on applications for new members at our regular club meetings which are held bi-weekly. RSC maintains a maximum number of members so there is a possibility of a waitlist.

When new member spots become available, the applicant is notified and given a meeting date to attend to proceed with the membership process. The applicant must be present at the meeting.

If accepted, the applicant is required to pay the dues to the treasurer after the meeting. Dues are prorated throughout the year during the membership cycle, which runs from April 1st through March 31st.

To apply, click here and fill out the application.

There is a one-time application of $48 which will be charged with your dues at the meeting.

Alternatively, you can click here for an application you can print and snail-mail.



RSC’s membership year runs from April 1st through March 31st.

Annual membership fees must be paid to the treasurer at the clubhouse in the month of April each year.

A service deposit is charged in addition to the membership fees for those that have not completed at least 12 hours of recorded service to the club during the year.

National Rifle Association

We require all our members to also maintain membership with the NRA.

You can join the NRA or update your membership by clicking the image below.